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31 jul 2021 om 17:26 Disappointing food. Gave them second chance and still very bad preparation of food. When asked to the person, he was offensive and disrespectful. Not going to order again.
30 jul 2021 om 22:13 Elke keer weer lekker, snelle bezorging van warm eten en goede service
29 jul 2021 om 22:26 Zeer lekker, klantvriendelijk en snel bezorgd.
27 jul 2021 om 22:26 They didn't even bother to call, they just left the food at the door. the people at my hotel were the ones that informed me that a food was at the front door with my name on it! The food itself was a big "meh" nothing special. Certainly not as
25 jul 2021 om 12:53 excellent, as always
21 jul 2021 om 22:42 Awesome biryani - very authentic !
21 jul 2021 om 20:36 Food was tasteless to say the least, it was certainly not fresh, had expected better quality! I am having terrible stomach ache after having just 2 spoons of aloo tikki chaat :(
21 jul 2021 om 9:35 Delivery time practically unacceptable for a Tuesday - ruined the whole experience
18 jul 2021 om 22:06 Heerlijk pittig, goed verpakt, snel bezorgd. Wat wil je nog meer?
16 jul 2021 om 0:42 Excellent food (delivered within 20 min).
12 jul 2021 om 15:16 Part of the food that we ordered did not arrive, we had something that we did not order. We paid for this and they refused to give us our money back.